02 September 2013

Prespa: Endless Natural Wealth

Prespa Lakes (big and small) are natural heritages of three countries, Albania, Greece and Macedonia, and  the threw should be united to protect, develop and promote these area. Tourism will benefit from it. We  at Albania Holidays particularly like this motto: Three Countries, Two Lakes, One Future

Prespa: Endless Natural Wealth

Prespa is the name of two freshwater lakes in southeast Europe, shared by Albania, Greece and FYROM. They are the highest tectonic lakes in the Balkans, standing at an altitude of 853 m (2,798 ft).
The Great Prespa Lake, also known as Limni Megali Prespa, is divided among Albania, Greece and FYROM. The Small Prespa Lake is shared between Greece and Albania.
“Three Countries, Two Lakes, One Future” is the motto of Prespa Park, the transnational park protecting Prespa Lake. The area included in Prespa Park is of breathtaking natural beauty and great proof is the fact that it draws ever increasing numbers of tourists and eco-tourists.
Moreover, Agios Germanos is a village in the Prespes Municipality in West Macedonia. It is the only village in the Prespes region that has preserved all of the old stone houses. There, you can find the Information Center for everything you need to know about sightseeing.
From the settlement of the Fishermen (Psarades), someone can also rent one of the traditional wooden boats and take a ride in the calm waters of the lake. Anyone who ventures it, will be undoubtedly impressed by the painted rocks with Christian images in the southern part of the lake, given that in the 14th and 18th century hermits used to live in the area.
Furthermore, for gastronomy lovers, except for the fish and Florina peppers, the beans of the region which are cooked in many different ways, are very famous as well. The experience of the direct contact with the natural environment of exceptional beauty and biodiversity, fills the visitor with tranquility and evokes memories of a life away from big cities and stressful activities.

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