12 May 2016

L’Albanie ? Et pourquoi pas ?

French people are learning more about Albania and its tourism and especially this year are invited from different local travel agencies and bloggers to visit this country for several reasons
This time is "Je Papote" a French Travel and Food blog recommends Albania as best destination for holiday in 2016 

Why spend your holiday in Albania ?

The scenery is beautiful and varied with a beautiful rocky coastline to the south, several large lakes in the interior, and numerous mountain ranges.

The people are friendly and caring, already developed tourism but not excessive and the cost of living is the lowest in Europe.

Concerning security, I quote the website of French Diplomacy "crime remains lower than in most Western states" ...

Other attractive but very subjective aspects, Albania is in Europe but it's also a bit the East. 

Depending on the region, it's almost Italy, some Central European or sometimes even in some places a taste of ex-communist countries.
In short, a variety of things to see, not far from France, for a reasonable budget, so why not go there? 

We made two trips in 2014 and 2015. The first year we went by car and ferry to Igoumenca, Greek port, a few kilometers from the Albanian border before returning to Montenegro and Croatia in the back entire Albanian coast.
In 2015, we joined this time by plane Tirana to loop inside the country and return to enjoy the beaches of the south.
I invite you to discover photographed many places we particularly appreciated.
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02 May 2016

Saranda, Albania, one of 5 Must-Visit Towns for 2016

Saranda city
Albania is suggested every day as a beautiful destination for tourists in 2016. This time an article comes from Paste Magazine: "Breathtaking Balkans: 5 Must-Visit Towns for 2016"
Saranda is the city every tourist must visit this year, said the article. The other four cities suggested to visit in Balkans are Bled, Slovenia; Cavtat, Croatia; Perast, Montenegro; Ohrid, Macedonia

Here is what Paste magazine writes about Saranda:  

Ksamil Saranda
"Albania is a newcomer to the international tourism scene, but gaining momentum due to the virgin beaches and crystal-blue water along its rugged Adriatic coastline. Cut off from the rest of the world under the 40-year rule of communist leader Enver Hoxha, what the country lacks in infrastructure, it makes up for in hospitality and pristine beaches.
Peering across a thin strip of sea at the Greek island of Corfu, Sarandë is the start of a stunning national park that forms Albania’s southern border with Greece. The town is as beautiful as it is remote, with the nearest international airports a two-hour ferry ride away, on Corfu or a winding five-hour drive away in the country’s capital of Tirana.
While Sarandë is arguably Albania’s most beautiful beach town and a versatile spot to either relax or party, it also serves as a perfect home base for day trips. Make sure to venture out. Places to see in Saranda: Butrint National Park, protected by UNESCO, Ksmail island with amazing view and beaches, and 45-meter-deep natural spring known as the Blue Eye."

Paste Magazine is  a leading online arts and lifestyle brand, covering music, movies, TV, games, comedy, books, design, tech, food, drink, travel, style, comics and soccer, which have more than 5 million unique monthly visitors, thanks to readers hungry for authenticity and creativity.

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