06 October 2014

Përmet and the Balkan side of Albania

Why should visit Permet city? Because nowadays claims to be the cleanest and greenest town in Albania according to blogger Giulia Blocal

By Giulia Blocal

Permet city is an authentic Balkan charm: Small houses with admirable vegetables gardens, elders chatting on a bench, locals gathering on the main street for the traditional xhiro, fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables not only in every restaurant but also on sale along the streets, unspoiled nature, evenings spent sipping a beer at the bar on the main square, home-made raki and an excellent local wine, rational communist architecture, groups of kids dominating the streets, several different religions coexisting, old vintage cars, decadent buildings, fresh mountain air and in general the warm, beautiful feeling of being lost into the Balkans... 

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Korca and the hinterlands of South-Eastern #Albania

No doubt #Korca is one the most beautiful cities of Albania. Discover why Korca is so amazing, from the eyes of a tourist and blogger.
Thank you so much Giulia for this detailed astonishing description of Korca and #Pogradec's beauties.

By Giulia Blocal

If you would ask me which is the place I liked the most of the overall Albanian road-trip the answer is Korça.
The town of intellectuals, artists and poets really got me, and I wouldn’t mind to spend some time living there in the future. I would love it, actually!
A lot of Korça life is going on along those beautiful boulevards: vendors selling each kind of goods from cigarettes to socks and corns on the cob, elders playing dominoes, children running around with their gang (the leader of which –of course- has got a bicycle), youngsters showing off their new cars (which -more often than not- are Mercedes) and the whole town gathers along Korça boulevards at evening to take the traditional xhiro, meaning they stroll around stopping to chat & catch up when they meet someone they know. During our three days in Korça, the boulevards have been our favourite and most rewarding place to engage in some people-watching!

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