25 July 2015

Albania Holidays celebrates 10 years of success!

The story behind!
All started from the two well educated young  guys who were very enthusiastic about their country and its tourism potential. Kliton Gerxhani was graduated in International Tourism Management and Consultancy at NHTV- Breda University in Netherlands and Armand Ferra in Business Administration and Management in Oxford Brookes University UK.

As other people who studied abroad and wanted to invest their knowledge in their country, they founded in 2005 the incoming company named Albania Holidays. The company started with online tourism through a website for hotels, which is today the most popular website for booking hotels in Albania always top 1 in Google, www.albania-hotel.com. The website itself was an innovation as it brought Albanian hotels for the first time online, with description and prices. From years, hotels are bookable with credit card from this website and other websites added lately such as www.balkan-hotel.com and www.tirana-hotel.com
Albania Holidays  as an incoming agency as played a great role in promoting Albania abroad, by publishing rich information on tourism in Albania, not only in English but  also in German, Italian, French and even Russian language. One of the leading UK newspapers Mirror.co.uk. on  22 April 2006 in an article titled “Albania Mania “ would write:  Albania doesn't have its own tourist board in the UK, but you should visit albania-holidays.com, a dynamic little local company which offers three-night hotel stays in Tirana from and week-long tours around the country, including accommodation."

Albania Holidays DMC is today a Destination Management Company the only representative for Albania at World of DMC, member of Albanian Tourism Association and other important tourism bodies. It organizes successful Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events for some international companies, and brands. 
The company operates tours around Albania and Balkans through partnering with some well-known international tourism companies, mainly from UK, USA but also other countries of Europe. Through its rich and updated websites, the company serves to individuals to book hotels and tours online. 
Due to its hard work and professionalism in offering top quality service, Albania Holidays has grown significantly in 10 years. It has opened a branch in Pristina Kosovo, named Kosovo Holidays, and employs 10 well educated people full time, while working with around 30 or more professional guides on tour bases. 
Albania Holidays  has contributed actively in lobbing for tourism and influencing government policies to support the development of the sector. All these make it a very reputable company in Albania and broader.

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