01 July 2017

Albania No 1 on the list of "15 Up and coming Destinations Around the World"

One of the most prestigious travel websites, Travel and Leisure has listed Albania as the 1st up-coming destinations around the world. Albania has made to be the first on the list leaving behind much known destinations in the world such as: India, Peru, Egypt, Mexico etc.
“Albania rose eight places to land in the 98th spot this year, meaning it's one of the most exciting up-and-coming destinations for tourists.”
Getty Images/ AWL Images RM
You can’t miss the Albanian Riviera for a perfect summer vacation and if you want to something ancient from Albania, go to city of Gjirokastra.
As Travel and Leisure suggests visiting the Albanian Riviera for teal waters and nearly year-round sun, or wander through Gjirokastra, ‘The City of Stone,’ for a dose of culture and history.”

Photo: Albania Holidays

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