08 August 2017

Vanity Fair: Summer in the sea of Albania

The Italian Magazine “Vanity Fair” recommends all its readers to go in Albania to experience amazing summer vacations, full of surprises. 
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If you are more into cultural heritage Albania has three UNESCO sites, the ancient city of Berat, Gjirokastra city and Butrint.
1. Berat known as the “City of a Thousand Windows”  with the Osumi River running lightly at the slopes of the mountains, the stone houses dimly lit in the dark night and the Church of the Dormition of Mary looking up from the town holding its precious icons (and, in a few steps, even those Of the Onufri museum).
2. Gjirokastra, among the outdoor cafés, typical local souvenirs and antique bazaars and the crumbling Ottoman-era mansion, ready to recast the façade, here the compass is the castle with the generous view of the old town and some “modern" stunts.
3. And then, for archaeology enthusiasts, there is the inevitable Butrint. Well preserved, well-kept and positioned in a landscape hanging between the sea and the dense biodiversity. It is most important site of Albania, inviting visitors on a backward journey in history between the ruins of Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian civilizations and Ottoman time..

Photo Credits: Albania Holidays

The most beautiful seaside 
The winding coastal road connecting the city of Valona to Saranda is one of the most spectacular in the whole Mediterranean. Above the 1,027 meters of altitude of the Llogaraja pass , in fact, from the bay of Palasa and down to the head of Stillo , the so-called "Albanian Riviera" is a succession of bays and resorts, more or less Tourism of great numbers. Beaches of Himara, Porto Palermo and Dhermi preserve a more discreet charm. Walking along this last stretch of Albanian coast, among the villages of the immediate hinterland of sleepy air, small family hotels and tiny creeks to discover in total freedom.
Furthermore, the Corfu Island is now only a handful of sea miles, and those looking for a postcard sea (or maybe it would be better to say from Facebook), coming down a bit can hit a shot Sure about Ksamil. Its four tiny islets, easily accessible by swimming or pedaling directly from the beach, invite you to enjoy in transparent waters where, outside the high season, the fish are amazed by the presence of bathers. In July and August, however, here as elsewhere is always the timing that makes the difference: wake up early and the lonely dive is assured!
Photo Credits: Albania Holidays
Food in Albania
In Albania cooking is a serious topic. Thanks to the increasing return of young people who have studied and worked in the fields of agriculture and catering in Italy, the country boasts excellent addresses.
Traditional dishes, such as pork, the typical salty cake made from thinly packed pasta filled with vegetables, cheese or meat, are now accompanied by a search for product quality, possibly seasonal and zero kilometers.

Photo Credits: Albania Holidays
Traditional food at Mrizi Zanave

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