08 January 2018

Head to wild river Vjosa in Albania, best for adventure-The Independent

"Beat the January blues and head to Albania for adventure” this is what recommends the prestigious world known media The Independent. The article lists 10 categories: and Albania is the chosen one for adventure category.
Photo: Albania Holidays 
“Albania’s Vjosa is the last free-flowing river in Europe, enjoying a protected status currently under threat due to the proposed building of a dam.  Up to 2km wide at some points, the river is ideal for exploring by paddle, with rafting and kayaking available.” writes the Independent.

Photo: Albania Holidays 

See original article: http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/blue-monday-travel-holidays-winter-sun-weekend-breaks-la-gomera-prague-valletta-a8143641.html

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