04 February 2016

Albania expect a significant increase of travellers in 2016

Albania will definitely be the travel destination of choice for tourists all over the world in 2016.
The number of tourists visiting Albania is increased significantly during 2015. According to Albanian Institute of Statistics, (INSTAT) tourists from South Europe comes in first place. During the summer 2015 there were about 1 432 601 tourists from South Europe. In the second place there are tourists from West Europe, about 137 811 tourists, and in the third place are East and Central Europeans about 83 892 tourists. The statistics belongs to third quarter of the last year. The number of Americans visited Albania last year was 57 125 followed by Asian people 13610. Albania has been nominated as one of the best destinations to travel for 2016 from the best travel media and bloggers all over the world.
Albania is safe place, with plenty of places to explore and admire. It is appreciated for the beautiful beaches, wonderful historic and archaeological places, but also for very unique cities, like Berat and Gjirokastra protected by UNESCO. Albania is not involved in the immigrants drama, the improved infrastructure and friendly people make it an appealing destination for 2016. Talking to tourism actors, we are sure that 2016 will be a better year for tourism in Albania.

01 February 2016

Japan: Lovely Berat, among Europe's 30 most beautiful cities

Japanese travel agents believe these to be the 30 most beautiful towns in Europe.. Among them, listed in second place is the city of Berat. Here what Japanese travel agencies think about Berat city in #Albania.

Berat, Albania
Mangalem, the city of Berat’s old town, sits on the banks of the river Osum and is a Unesco World Heritage Site. In medieval times it was a frontier town of the Byzantine Empire, to which its citadel testifies.
There are about 30 cities and villages in Europe which now are being promoted as a "must-visit" destination for Japanese tourists, after being picked as one of 30 recommended small destinations by 300 Japanese travel agents.
The agents were presented with the challenge to pick the 30 best by the Japanese Association of Travel Agents (JATA), which wants to promote travel to attractive little places in Europe.
JATA’s member companies - a mix of tourism offices for Europe, tour operators and airlines - first acted as judges by whittling down a list of towns and villages to 41, from 28 countries.
A selection committee then came up with a top 30 after looking at criteria that included assessing which places had low media exposure in Japan and no package tours available; wanting to ensure a wide variety of destinations from the whole of Europe and tourist attractions the travel companies thought would appeal to Japanese travellers.

Here's the list:
  1. Kilkenny, Ireland
  2. Berat, Albania
  3. Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy
  4. Procida, Italy
  5. Conwy, Wales
  6. Lech, Austria
  7. Hindeloopen, Netherlands
  8. Lefkara, Cyprus
  9. Rovinj, Croatia
  10. Soglio, Switzerland
  11. Visby, Sweden
  12. Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain
  13. Piran, Slovenia
  14. Vlkolinec, Slovakia
  15. Marianske-Lazne, Czech Republic
  16. Quedlinburg, Germany
  17. Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
  18. Golyazi, Turkey
  19. Reine, Norway
  20. Sopron, Hungary
  21. Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria
  22. Porvoo, Finland
  23. Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, France
  24. Riquewihr, France
  25. Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium
  26. Zalipie, Poland
  27. Monsanto, Portugal
  28. Ohrid, Macedonia
  29. Kotor, Montenegro
  30. Gura Humorului, Romania
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18 January 2016

Albania, a piece of Europe worth to discover

Albania, a piece of Europe worth to discover - A great documentary by Austrian Television about Albania

By Edith Späll, Camera: Alexander Zech Master

An informative tour, the country, its people, culture and nature presents. The tour begins in Tirana, a young, vibrant and quite relaxed capital. Skanderbeg Square, National Historical Museum, visit to the market and the typical Albanian cuisine is part of our program.The next visit is the fortress of Kruja with Museum and stroll through the colorful bazaar. 
The tour takes us to Apollonia, an impressive ancient city from the 6th century BC, and on to Vlora, in the town of Albanian independence.Impressive the monastery island with its famous Ikonastase Zvernec before we climb the Llogara pass and admire the view over the beautiful natural scenery.The journey continues along the Albanian Riviera, the most beautiful coastal region of the country. The deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea is bordered by white beaches and idyllic coves.

We come across after Saranda Butrint, the archaeological site a UNESCO World Heritage Site.A short refreshment offers the Blue Eye, a crystal clear idyllic karst spring, a tip for nature lovers.

Finally, we visit the impressive castle of Gjirokastra and then stroll through the village with its cobbled streets, which are lined with souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes.
Blue eye

And last but not least we explored Berat the Old Town district within the castle is inhabited still, here lives the tradition. We visit the Cathedral and the adjoining Onufri Museum with valuable icons.

We return to Tirana and lead a very interesting interview with the Minister of Tourism.

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12 January 2016

Albania, one of 5 European Countries You Should Visit Now

By Meagen Collins / Travel Freedom Network

It’s 2016 and many of you will most likely be making those two big New Year’s resolutions: 1. Lose weight and 2. Travel more! Well, we are here to help you with the second one.

Not only are we going to inspire you to travel more, but we want to inspire you to outdo your friends this year and discover some of the best off-the-beaten-path European destinations. And guess what? They all are stunningly beautiful — and they’re super affordable too! Score!

These unexpected European destinations will give you a serious case of wanderlust, and will have you packing your bags, booking a flight, and discovering the great unknown this year.

2. Albania
If you want the beauty of the Greek islands with a more affordable price tag - then book that plane ticket to Albania today.

We visited Tirana and Shkodra, but the coastal towns of the ‘Albanian Riviera’ are a popular place to visit during the warmer months. This country is jam-packed with so much natural beauty it would be a shame to leave it off any European trip.
The people are all welcoming, and go above and beyond to help any foreigners in need of assistance.

What to eat: Veal appears to be the specialty of Albania — or 'the baby cow’ as it is usually described. We recommend giving the Albanian pilaf a try, rice cooked in seasoned broth. It usually costs around $1 for a small serving.

Fun fact: Albania, Armenia, Macedonia, and Vatican City are the only European countries without a McDonald’s branch.

Full article: https://www.yahoo.com/travel/5-underrated-european-countries-you-should-1340508871589942.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw

06 January 2016

The Rough Guide: Albania, among top 10 destinations for 2016

Albania is definitely on the map of World Tourism. One of the best travel agencies The Rough Guide also suggest our country as one of top 10 destinations for 2016. Albania is ranked number 5, after Nepal, Colombia, Cuba and Jordan, and followed by Romania, El Salvador, Wales, Kenya and Sri Lanka.  Here is what Rough Guide writes about Albania.
5- Albania 

"Pay a visit to this beguiling corner of Europe now, before it garners the popularity it deserves. – Martin Zatko, co-author of The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget
While nearby Greece and Croatia are well established on the tourist trail, Albania remains something of a mystery to most. But those who go will find fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the ancient Greek city of Butrint, pristine beaches on the Ionian coast, gorgeous mountain lakes, Ottoman architecture, and friendly locals to point you in the right direction for discovery. Make the trip before the rest of the world realises what they’re missing.

23 December 2015

Boston Globe: The 10 hot places for travel in 2016? Albania is on the list

By Christopher Muther
Boston Globe
It’s too easy to get swept away looking at pictures of thatched cabanas on stilts over tropical blue seas, or city-size cruise ships with corkscrew waterslides when dreaming of trips. Like a good meal, your travel plans should be balanced, colorful, and feature a prominent and sweet ending. If you need a bit of inspiration for planning a trip in 2016, we’re here to offer a gentle nudge to Asia, Europe, or just a long weekend in the south. Albania is on the list of 10 places worth a visit in 2016. Here what Boston Globe write about Albania

Berat, Albania
This country is not for those of delicate constitution, or for the inexperienced traveler, but the payoff for planning and patience is tremendous. If you’re hesitant to go it alone, contact a tour company, such as Adriatic Luxury Journeys. After being isolated from the rest of Europe after years of rule under the Communist party, Albania is slowly becoming a sought-after tourist destination. The infrastructure still hasn’t caught up with demand. Roads are in terrible condition, public transportation is erratic at best, and the Internet is not exactly dependable. But because of those factors, Albania is a (mostly) undiscovered gem, and the beaches along the Albanian Riviera are stunning. Direct flight? No. Best time to go? September.
Berat, Albania

15 cheap places to visit in Europe. For beaches, Albania!

Ros Walford/ Rough Guides

If you’re short of cash, it doesn’t mean you have to starve the travel bug entirely; simply choose your destinations wisely. Europe can be pricey but there are many places where your money will go further. Here are 15 cheap places to visit in Europe for 2016 according to Rough Guides.

For the beaches choose Albania:

The Albanian Riviera is a gorgeous, yet overlooked, stretch of Mediterranean coastline. Its pristine beaches flanked by dramatic mountains easily rival the pricier tourist meccas of neighbouring Croatia and Greece. For an unforgettable introduction to the region, drive from Vlorë along the Llogara Pass, a spectacular switchback road that leads down to the turquoise bays of the Ionian Sea.

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