22 April 2016

Ksamil Albania, one of the best beaches in Europe 2016

Albania is definitely on the map for Best Beaches not only in Europe. After Lonely Planet who suggested Albania as destination for beach lovers, this year is European Best Destinations, the  organisation based in Brussels and developed to promote culture and tourism in Europe, who selected Ksamil in Albania as one of the best beaches for 2016.

Here what last article of European Best Destinations says:

Are you ready to discover the most beautiful beaches in Europe? Here is a selection of the best beaches for relaxing, partying or simply walking. Discover the top beaches in Europe. Take a look at our selection of the most beautiful beaches of the European coastline. Pack your bathing suits, your sunglasses, do not forget the sunscreen, and discover those heavenly beaches. 

Ksamili Islands. The four marvellous Ksamili islands only 8.9 ha when measured together feature some of the most unspoiled beauty in all Albania. They remain covered in lush, green vegetation throughout the year, and can only be accessed by small boats. The clear water surrounding these islands makes the pristine beaches in the area that much more special..

European Best Destinations  is a European organisation based in Brussels and developed to promote culture and tourism in Europe. In partnership with the participating tourism offices and the EDEN Network they promote a better understanding of the wealth, diversity and quality of European destinations. 


20 April 2016

How safe is your holiday 2016? Albania is a good choice

Map by Foreign Office UK
Summer is coming, many citizens are planning their holidays for a bit of sun and relaxation this year. But Foreign Office in UK is warning British citizens to avoid some countries at High risk of Terrorists Attacks, mainly in Europe, Asia and Africa.

A map published by Foreign Office, shows which country are rated high risk by Foreign Office, because of information for direct threats to holiday resorts across Europe.

Spain, Germany, Turkey and France are considering at high risk, while Italy, Greece, and Denmark are considered at General Risk of Terrorism.

The map shows that Balkan Countries, such as Albania, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania etc are considered as underlying risk for Summer 2016.

In Europe there are also some countries such as Poland, Slovenia. Slovakia etc, which are at low risk. But tourists prefer warmer countries and beaches for the summer, so South East Europe and Mediteranean are in the preferred lists. Therefore choices narrow down to only a few countries. Needless to say, but Albania seems a good and safe choice, as it is in underlying risk category and it is good for its beaches, climate beautiful nature and warm weather. 

Karaburun, Albania


13 April 2016

Enchanting Albania - documentary by Arte TV

"Albania is poor, but it is also rich: Rich in mountains, on landscape diversity, of animal and plant worlds, culture and hospitality of its people. After the dark decades of Communist dictatorship in which all religions were banned, Albania is considered exemplary in the Balkans for the peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims"

"Enchanting Albania" is a new documentary produced by the French-German cultural television station ARTE showing the beauties of this unexplored country in the route from North of the country to the Capital Tirana. 

"Albania - still a blank spot on European maps and a country that is still to be discovered: The journey begins in the north, where ancient Albanian common law strikes a largely unspoiled mountain world. On one of the last railway lines in the country, it goes in a southerly direction to the capital Tirana.

The European continent is mapped, measured and researched. Entwined with prejudice and horror stories about archaic customary laws, there are still a country that is like a white spot on the map of southeastern Europe. Shaken by wars and decades sealed off from the outside world, is home to this country warm people and incredible natural treasures: Albania.

Through the long years of Hoxha dictatorship, Albania is in the minds of many, a forbidden place.

Here visitors will find grandiose seascapes here, unspoiled coastlines and breathtaking mountains. And in an area the size of Belgium.

Here's the video:

29 March 2016

Albania, among top 10 Places To Travel in 2016

Albania is ranked again among the 10 top places to travel in 2016. This time is Gazette Review from USA suggesting its readers the best tourist destination countries for this year. Albania is the first place to visit according to this article. Discover why: 

"If you’re planning a travel adventure in 2016, you won’t find better destinations than the 10 listed here. Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, foodie, or just want to hit the beach or clubs, there’s something here for every traveler.
 First stop, Albania:
Ksamil, Albania
You won’t find Albania on the top of many tourist destination lists.  The crowds tend to flock to Greece or beautiful Croatia, but the tiny country of Albania offers unique adventures of its own.  In Albania, you’ll experience a mix of cultures and customs.  Explore the fascinating history behind the ancient Greek city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Hit the beach and have a drink of Korca beer as you gaze out at the Ionian Sea.  Travel through breathtaking mountain vistas, discover ruins from the Ottoman Empire, and explore this underrated gem before the tour groups start to arrive".

Other places to visit, according to this media are:  Colombia, Cuba, Jordan, China, Romania, Sri Lanka, Canada, Japan, Nepal

Read full article here:

04 March 2016

Exploring Voskopoja, once the 2nd largest city of the Ottoman Balkans after Istanbul

By Gulia Blocal

We left the car right outside the entrance of Voskopoja. The parking lot was empty and the village looked deserted, apart from a few old men drinking and smoking under the porch of the local bar. Our plan was to visit the frescoed churches, which recall a time when Voskopoja was a cosmopolitan metropolis, a centre of arts and cultures and the second largest city of the Ottoman Balkans after Istanbul.

This mountain village in south-eastern Albania isn’t mentioned in guidebooks, so without any information on how to visit its Byzantine churches we just took the first street off the parking lot and walked our way through the village.

The street was unpaved and the air smelled of that pungent mix of cut grass and goats; we walked past small stone houses until we finally found the first church, enclosed by the traditional wall of red stones, with its Byzantine frescoes in plain view under the covered porch.

We got closer, took our cameras out of the bags and pushed the gate, but it was locked and we couldn’t get in.

 Read more: http://www.blocal-travel.com/road-trip/voskopoja-albania/

04 February 2016

Albania expect a significant increase of travellers in 2016

Albania will definitely be the travel destination of choice for tourists all over the world in 2016.
The number of tourists visiting Albania is increased significantly during 2015. According to Albanian Institute of Statistics, (INSTAT) tourists from South Europe comes in first place. During the summer 2015 there were about 1 432 601 tourists from South Europe. In the second place there are tourists from West Europe, about 137 811 tourists, and in the third place are East and Central Europeans about 83 892 tourists. The statistics belongs to third quarter of the last year. The number of Americans visited Albania last year was 57 125 followed by Asian people 13610. Albania has been nominated as one of the best destinations to travel for 2016 from the best travel media and bloggers all over the world.
Albania is safe place, with plenty of places to explore and admire. It is appreciated for the beautiful beaches, wonderful historic and archaeological places, but also for very unique cities, like Berat and Gjirokastra protected by UNESCO. Albania is not involved in the immigrants drama, the improved infrastructure and friendly people make it an appealing destination for 2016. Talking to tourism actors, we are sure that 2016 will be a better year for tourism in Albania.