31 January 2017

Forbes ranks Albania among 30 cheapest places to travel in 2017

Albania with its beautiful beaches has managed to be in the list of “30 cheapest places to travel in 2017” by Forbes Magazine.
Forbes brings to mind why Albania is a good destination for cheap travel, highlighting the fantastic beaches along its coastline. A good reason to be considered when travelling to Albania, it’s the cheap accommodation which starts from as little as $5 per person. But  Albania doesn’t have only beautiful  beaches, but  also  historical sites. “There's also some fascinating historical sites across Albania that are either free to enter or cost only $2-$5.”

Various travel magazines and blogs have described Albania, as an underrated travel destination, that needs to be discovered. “This forgotten corner of Europe is a wonderfully off-the-beaten-track budget destination in an otherwise very touristy and expensive continent. With fantastic beaches along its coastline, including the fishing port of Saranda, Albania gives visitors the chance to enjoy the Mediterranean waters for a fraction of the usual price. From the mountainous medieval town of Gjirokastër to the Roman ruins at Butrint, this is a diverse and very different side of Europe, which is definitely worth visiting before the crowds do.”

19 January 2017

Albania among Top Budget Destination for 2017 by Rough Guides

Rough Guide is a worldwide travel guide for more than 120 destinations and Albania is one of the destinations recently promoted on the their “Top Budget Destination for 2017” list. The Albanian coast is becoming very ‘famous’ and everyone who visits Albania shouldn’t miss exploring our beaches. Rough Guides put Albanian coast among top budged destinations, part of this list are popular destinations such as: Detroit (USA), Mexico, Greece, Cambodia, The Philippines etc.
Check out what Rough Guide says about Albania:

Albania retains one of the last unspoiled coastlines in the Mediterranean. Sun-drenched mountains and white-sand beaches spill into the bright blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, while Ancient Greek ruins and historic Ottoman villages punctuate the surrounding rural landscape.
You’ll find none of the usual high-rise resorts, crowded shores and high prices typical in the rest of the Med here, with fresh seafood, quality bars and comfortable accommodation available at a fraction of the cost.
And with more affordable flights due to connect Tirana with the rest of the continent in 2017, Albania is set to be even more accessible for travelers on a budget.

13 January 2017

Bradt Travel Guides: Five Reasons To Visit Albania

“Bradt Travel Guides” has often promoted Albania as a great destination to go, and recently they have published an article highlighting five reasons to visit our country. Bradt Travel Guides has partnered up with Albania Holidays DMC, leading incoming tour operator, to showcase Albania alongside some of other favourite destinations as part of our Exceptional Places campaign.

Through the article people are invited to visit the country which offers a captivating blend of the ancient and the brand new, from sprawling archaeological sites and age-old mountain codes of behaviour to the riotous colours of the thriving capital, Tirana, and beaches to rival anywhere else in the Mediterranean. Visit Albania for the eclectic capital of Tirana. Even a great reason for outdoor lovers, Thethi is the best to experience a magic trip in the Albanian Alps. The Lura Lakes, between Rrësheni and Peshkopia, and the Lunxhëria and Nemerçka ranges in the southwest, are more remote but offer fantastic hiking or cycling opportunities for those with more time at their disposal.

“Those who are interested in archaeology and history will find Albania full of delights. In the southwest of the country, the ancient city of Butrint already draws thousands of visitors every year across the Corfu Channel. It richly deserves its status as the country’s best-known archaeological site, but there are many other interesting Illyrian, Greek and Roman remains. No visit to southern Albania would be complete without the ancient cities of Gjirokastra and Berati, with their hilltop castles and unique architecture”, says Bradt Travel Guides.

Berati and Korca is a must for lovers of medieval arts where they will be in awe by magnificent frescoes in various churches.
What about a world-class bout trip in Albania? Yes, a journey along Lake Komani is one of the reasons why you should visit Albania. “Lake Komani is narrow and twisting, with sheer cliffs right down to the water in some stretches, complete with breathtakingly high waterfalls”.

05 January 2017

Touristic Albania in the focus of world media during 2016

Over the past years Albania has attracted many tourists from solo travelers, bloggers, photographers and journalists. The tourism infrastructure is improved and so hidden gems of Albania have been discovered and capture attentions of the world known travel magazines where Albania has been listed as great destination to go. According to the statistics of National Bank of Albania, the tourism contribution to GDP for the 2016 was 25% higher than in 2015. For 2016 the number of tourists rose by 19.7 % comparing with the previous year. For the 2017 the hotels are already full with reservations, which show that this year Albania will see a boom of tourism. This is also due to the improved tourism infrastructure , but also to better promotion of Albania as a potential touristic destination, more international fairs, more familiarization trip with media etc. The last week of December (24- 31 December), the National Albanian Agency of Tourism, (AKT) broadcasted a spot “Albania go your own way” in three prestigious world Media: BBC, Euro news and Travel Channel. The video was seen by millions of viewers who are programming their vacancies and holidays for 2017. It was a great moment to attract the attention of all tourists over the world to know Albania and its touristic values. Apart from the three important world media, many articles are published during 2016 to promote Tourism in Albania. Let’s see here some of the main articles published:

 Let’s hope for a better tourism season in 2017, projections are good so far.