20 December 2019

Albania Holidays and its overseas partners contribute in earthquake relief

On November 26, Albania was rocked by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, killing 51 people, and leaving thousands with homes destroyed and uninhabitable. Homes, schools, hospitals, churches were destroyed or severely damaged.
Albania Holidays apart from donating direct relief funds did also raise awareness among its partners throughout the world. Grand Circle Corporation and Overseas Adventure Travel reacted with lightning speed and through their Grand Circle Foundation made clear their willingness to help.

In less than 48 hours they dispatched to Albania their Director of Corporate Air Travel and Contracting Mr. Josif Goga, who is originally from Albania. In Albania he meet with our team and together we started to plan where we can put the relief funds. 

Josif stated” Upon arrival, I realized that the situation was way worse that I could have ever imagined. All these families left with nothing but their clothes on their back and a plastic tent to live in. The amount of misery was indescribable and beyond any stretch of my imagination. Families living in the cold, humid tents, with rain water running underneath their beds, and mud everywhere they stepped on”

So, together we went over several options on how we could help these people. Food and tents were already being provided by the neighboring countries (Italy and Turkey).We decided that the best help we could offer, was providing wood stoves, as the winter had arrived and these families had no heat in their tents, and no means to cook.

The local authorities were very responsive (surprisingly) in providing the names and addresses of families who were affected the most and with no means to provide for their kids.

With the funds put together we purchased 35 wood stoves, including the accessories that come with them, and delivered them ourselves to these people in their tents. The combined feeling of joy and desperation in their eyes was a very touching moment. These people had been already living in the tents for weeks, and these stoves we provided a much-needed ray of hope in these people’s eyes, and through them, it warmed our hearts as well.

In total, we helped 35 families (almost 200 people) keep warm this winter. Gratitude to our partners Grand Circle Corporation and everyone else involved.

19 December 2019

21 Reasons You Need To Visit Albania Before It Becomes Super Popular

Albania continues to attract more and more tourists who are enchanted by its beauty, natural and cultural diversity and richness.

Jemima Skelley - contributor to BuzzFeed portal, has expressed her impressions in an article where she states 21 reasons why one should visit Albania:

"Located in southern Europe, just across the sea from Italy, it's south of Croatia and north of Greece. And guys, it's truly the best place you could ever go on holiday.

Albania is currently in the process of trying to join the EU, and is investing more and more money in tourism. So you better visit before it becomes too trendy and packed with people!

There aren't even words to describe how welcoming Albanians are. Walking into shops will inevitably end in a 10-minute chat with the shopkeeper, and waiters and bartenders will sit with you and talk all night. Every local wants to make sure travelers are having a good time in their country, and will bend over backwards to help you out. " Read the full article here