11 January 2014

Albania - This is Europe when it was fresh and cheap! - The New York Times 2014

 “This (Albania) is Europe when it was fresh and cheap.” - Thank you so much @nytimestravel and @tim_neville for praising Albania with the 4th place in you 52 world places to visit in 2014 and the 1st place in European destinations. We cannot described our country better than what you have done, and probably we need your eyes from outside to see and value our country better. Thank you also for reminding the new Albanian government for the responsibilities they have taken for keeping the coast and Albanian tourism authentic. We do appreciate it !

4. Albanian Coast
On a rugged shore, Europe at its best.

What if you could combine the rugged beauty you’d find on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast with the ruins of an undiscovered Turkey or Greece, all wrapped in the easygoing nature characteristic of rural Italy — at a fraction of the cost? Turns out you can, on the coast of Albania. The roughly Maryland-size country, between Greece and Montenegro, sits about 45 miles east of Italy on the eastern shores of the Adriatic and has limestone-ringed beaches, ancient ruins like Butrint and waterfront inns where you can stay for less than $50 a night. Rampant development threatened to turn it all to concrete in the years after Communism, but a new government took office in September on promises of keeping the coast authentic. Head to villages like Qeparo, within sight of Corfu, where you can kayak past Cold War submarine tunnels, swim by abandoned forts and watch the tide rise during a dinner of fresh fish at an inn called the Riviera. This is Europe when it was fresh and cheap. — TIM NEVILLE

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