17 January 2015

Albania, from Balkan backwater to must-see destination

Albania has become a must- see destination for tourists around the globe. Another article is published on The Globe and Mail that suggests several places to visit in Albania, - a beautiful Mediterranean country with unspoiled beaches, national parks and archaeological sites...

Special to The Globe and Mail

 .. Long left behind as one of the most backward places on the continent, Albania – a beautiful Mediterranean country located just north of Corfu, Greece, and across a narrow strip of the Adriatic Sea from Italy – is emerging as a prime European beach destination.
.. Things are changing, as the country welcomes investment from abroad, builds seaside resorts and new hotels, and integrates with the rest of Europe. Just this past summer, it was granted EU-candidate status. Albania has also seen a recent but significant influx of tourists, attracting sun worshippers seeking an unspoiled stretch of the Mediterranean, along with travellers curious about the country’s fascinating past.

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