18 January 2016

Albania, a piece of Europe worth to discover

Albania, a piece of Europe worth to discover - A great documentary by Austrian Television about Albania

By Edith Späll, Camera: Alexander Zech Master

An informative tour, the country, its people, culture and nature presents. The tour begins in Tirana, a young, vibrant and quite relaxed capital. Skanderbeg Square, National Historical Museum, visit to the market and the typical Albanian cuisine is part of our program.The next visit is the fortress of Kruja with Museum and stroll through the colorful bazaar. 
The tour takes us to Apollonia, an impressive ancient city from the 6th century BC, and on to Vlora, in the town of Albanian independence.Impressive the monastery island with its famous Ikonastase Zvernec before we climb the Llogara pass and admire the view over the beautiful natural scenery.The journey continues along the Albanian Riviera, the most beautiful coastal region of the country. The deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea is bordered by white beaches and idyllic coves.

We come across after Saranda Butrint, the archaeological site a UNESCO World Heritage Site.A short refreshment offers the Blue Eye, a crystal clear idyllic karst spring, a tip for nature lovers.

Finally, we visit the impressive castle of Gjirokastra and then stroll through the village with its cobbled streets, which are lined with souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes.
Blue eye

And last but not least we explored Berat the Old Town district within the castle is inhabited still, here lives the tradition. We visit the Cathedral and the adjoining Onufri Museum with valuable icons.

We return to Tirana and lead a very interesting interview with the Minister of Tourism.

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