08 April 2014

15 Undiscovered European Destinations: Number 1 is Porto Palermo in Albania - by huffingtonpost.com

Another top ranking in European tourism destinations, this time with our undiscovered gem Porto Palermo and Ali Pasha Castle. Thank you @HuffPostTravel

When it comes to the very best European destinations, bigger does not always mean better. While travelers typically gravitate toward larger cities like London and Paris, some of the region's most rewarding and best-kept secrets are alternatively set well off-the-beaten path. From a tiny Albanian cliff town with stunning mountain vistas, to a Swiss mountain village known for its beer and cheese, it's well worth the extra effort to get to any of our 15 picks for the best undiscovered European destinations.
By Emily Wasserman
1) Porto Palermo, Albania
puerto palma
Nestled among rolling green hills just south of the town of Himarë is Porto Palermo. This Albanian village keeps a low profile, but features a towering 18th-century castle that overlooks a sparkling bay. Visitors can explore its well-preserved grounds, and take in the coastline's picturesque scenery.

Photo Credit: Yelena011 | Dreamstime.com
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/fodors/undiscovered-european-destinations_b_5078795.html

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