06 October 2014

Korca and the hinterlands of South-Eastern #Albania

No doubt #Korca is one the most beautiful cities of Albania. Discover why Korca is so amazing, from the eyes of a tourist and blogger.
Thank you so much Giulia for this detailed astonishing description of Korca and #Pogradec's beauties.

By Giulia Blocal

If you would ask me which is the place I liked the most of the overall Albanian road-trip the answer is Korça.
The town of intellectuals, artists and poets really got me, and I wouldn’t mind to spend some time living there in the future. I would love it, actually!
A lot of Korça life is going on along those beautiful boulevards: vendors selling each kind of goods from cigarettes to socks and corns on the cob, elders playing dominoes, children running around with their gang (the leader of which –of course- has got a bicycle), youngsters showing off their new cars (which -more often than not- are Mercedes) and the whole town gathers along Korça boulevards at evening to take the traditional xhiro, meaning they stroll around stopping to chat & catch up when they meet someone they know. During our three days in Korça, the boulevards have been our favourite and most rewarding place to engage in some people-watching!

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