29 April 2015

Tirana, the unknown land

The most prestigious media channels are suggesting Albania as travel destination for 2015. Is good to see that these days, the well known french newspaper Le Figaro wrote about our beautiful country ranking Tirana in the 3-d place to travel for this year.

The article describe the center of Tirana, the squares and monumental avenues dating from the communist era, as very interesting to visit.

"The Skanderbeg square marks the heart of Tirana. Nearby are concentrated Natural History Museum, the Grand Mosque, the opera, the pyramid, etc. Beyond that, the aim for the former district Blloku become the haunt of youth finds its shops, terraces, restaurants and bars with live music every weekend", said the article which is titled: "Vancouver, Tirana...: 5 destinations inédites accessibles en direct au départ de la France"
Scanderbeg Square, Tirana
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