13 April 2016

Enchanting Albania - documentary by Arte TV

"Albania is poor, but it is also rich: Rich in mountains, on landscape diversity, of animal and plant worlds, culture and hospitality of its people. After the dark decades of Communist dictatorship in which all religions were banned, Albania is considered exemplary in the Balkans for the peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims"

"Enchanting Albania" is a new documentary produced by the French-German cultural television station ARTE showing the beauties of this unexplored country in the route from North of the country to the Capital Tirana. 

"Albania - still a blank spot on European maps and a country that is still to be discovered: The journey begins in the north, where ancient Albanian common law strikes a largely unspoiled mountain world. On one of the last railway lines in the country, it goes in a southerly direction to the capital Tirana.

The European continent is mapped, measured and researched. Entwined with prejudice and horror stories about archaic customary laws, there are still a country that is like a white spot on the map of southeastern Europe. Shaken by wars and decades sealed off from the outside world, is home to this country warm people and incredible natural treasures: Albania.

Through the long years of Hoxha dictatorship, Albania is in the minds of many, a forbidden place.

Here visitors will find grandiose seascapes here, unspoiled coastlines and breathtaking mountains. And in an area the size of Belgium.

Here's the video:

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