29 August 2016

Students from USA clean Potami beach in Himara, Albania

A group of students from Northwestern University visited Albania from 25-27 August 2016 in a program tour organized by Albania Holidays DMC. The arrived to Vlora by ferry from Lecce Italy, where they spent 4 days in cultural  as well as outdoor and culinary tour.

American students spent  3 days and two nights  in Saranda with a very intense program with mixed activities. On the first day, part of their program was to “clean the beach”.
Albania Holidays, the tour organiser talked to the municipality of Himara about the project and received  their support. Students were provided  with  plastic bags  and gloves, as well as instruction where to dispose the waste. They spent half of the day to clean the Potami beach.

On their stay in Albania, students  enjoyed a visit to Butrint as well  outdoor activities like hiking, sea kayaking and sunbathing in the beautiful beaches of our Riviera.  

It is not the first time that foreign students include in their school program, visiting Albania and doing activities to support communities.
Albania Holidays, takes this opportunity to thank the Northwestern University students for their contribution and Municipality of Himara for the support.

Albanian Universities and schools should also embed such initiatives. It is good for them and the country as well.

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