19 December 2016

City of Himara, Albania among to 6 Balkans destinations for 2017- by Vogue.com

Vogue: The sleepy town of Himarë awaits you
This time Himare, Albania is among 6 Non-Touristy Balkans Destinations That Should Top Your 2017 Travel Lists by Vogue. It seems that the town of Himara and beaches on the Ionian Sea has captured the attention of Michaela Trimble, a travel writer and photographer who works for Vogue. Vogue describes Himara as a town which offers dramatic scenery and beautiful beaches. If you go outside Himara, you will find so much to see and do, enjoying the panoramic view from coastal Mountains and if you want you can hike and cycle in the wild.

Llamani beach 

“On the Albanian Riviera, the sleepy town of Himarë awaits: Situated on the Ionian Sea and an accessible base point to sparsely visited alcoves like Gjipea Beach and Grama Bay, this town offers dramatic scenery you won’t tire of. The Ceraunian Mountains serve as the backdrop to crystal-clear beaches, and local outfitters like Zbulo deliver travelers to the nearby Llogara National Park, a stomping ground for those seeking to hike and cycle in the wild and spot indigenous species like native wolves, wildcats, and eagles. During a visit, meander up and down the Southern Albanian Coast, opting for a stay at Drymades Inn in Dhermi or Jaroal Hotel in Saranda. Roam the streets of Himarë to find a café that calls to you, and don’t miss a chance to dine at Veranda in neighboring Qeparo, where you can enjoy a homemade meal alfresco, underneath a blanket of shade trees and ivy.”
Mountain view, Albanian riviera 

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