03 June 2017

The Best of Albania Takes Travelers Off the Tourism Conveyor Belt

Francesca Masotti, the journalist and blogger from Italia writes again about Albania and the best places to visit in our country. Stunning shores, fabulous beaches, great food and a wallet-friendly economy only scratch the surface when describing this lively Balkan country. While it is becoming more popular with tourists, Albania (the correct name is Shqipëria or, more officially, Republika e Shqipërisë) remains undiscovered. Certainly there are the terrific coastlines and historic attractions, but the best reason to come to Albania is to discover a completely unknown country wrapped in mystery after decades of isolation.
Prepare to fall in love with this wonderful place: from the capital city Tirana to the stunning clear waters of the south through to the ancient towns, an excursion through Albania is a real adventure.
Albania Drymades beach_Francesca Masotti 
The first place is the capital city of Tirana: “Forget London, Paris or Rome. For a city break rich with culture, history and gastronomy—yet unspoiled by the tourists masses—try Tirana instead. The Albanian capital city is the Balkans Peninsula’s (southeastern Europe) next upcoming travel spot.
Berat (UNESCO City) is the second city on the list for its impressive white houses with small windows climbing up to the hill to its castle, earning it the title of ‘town of a thousand windows’, and many mosques.
albania_berat_francesca masotti
Gjirokastra (UNESCO Site):  Reach the citadel of ancient Gijrokastër for dazzling vistas. Once here, you’ll understand why it is UNESCO world-heritage site. One of the oldest cities of Albania, the name means Silver Fortress, and it clearly shows the confluence of Albanian, Greek and Turkish cultures.
albania_gijrokaster_francesca masotti

The Albanian Riviera
: Driving along the Albania’s coastline means rolling past striking landscapes filled with traditional villages, golden beaches lapped by turquoise waters, small orthodox churches and mountains that rise dramatically.
The Archeological Park of Butrinti: Before leaving Albania you have to spend few hours in the Butrint Archaeological Park. It is close to the Greek border and less than an hour from Saranda. The ancient ruins of Butrint are in a fantastic natural setting and from a variety of periods, spanning 2,500 years. 

See full article on Paste Magazine: https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/05/take-5-albania.html 

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