31 July 2017

The Dutch Media "Volkskrant " promotes Albania

Volkskrant one of the oldest and the most popular newspaper in Netherlands has published an article about Albania. A writer and a photographer from Netherland visited Albania and share their experiences on this article.  Dutch media is now added to the list of other international media which recommend Albania as “must-visit-now” destination.  
Photo credits: Franky Verdickt 

They were looking for an azure sea, empty beach with no high-rise buildings around the beach and they discovered the south of Albania.

“This was the Mediterranean Sea, the sea where were often, but this time in another world. The concrete bunkers seemed to be left behind by decorative pieces from a science fiction film. The tomatoes and watermelons tastes so sweets and the coffee in Albania is sublime.”. 
Photo credits: Franky Verdickt  
The difference between Corfu Island and Saranda is that Corfu is very crowded and you don’t enjoy very much, in Albania’s southern beaches you will find relaxation in small hidden bays.

After exploring the Albanian Riviera they visited Gjirokastra, the UNESCO city where Enver Hoxha was born. This city is like a fairytale with steep streets, stone rooftops.

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