15 September 2017

Between archaeology and bunkers, the contradictions and fascination of Albania

Recently, the international media keeps urging the tourists to visit Albania.
One of the most prestigious Italian newspapers published an article focused on the Albania, a former Communist country, with its secrets to discover.
 “Repubblica” newspaper dedicated the article how to explore the Albanian natural beauties, archeological sites and gastronomy.
Photo: Nino Barletta

Today, in this country that ended 46-years Communist regime and has isolated it from the rest of the world, we find a tourist destination. The geographical proximity of the two countries, across the Adriatic Sea to the Apulia shores, the low cost of life convinced 182,000 Italians from January to July 2017 to spend their holidays in the Eagle's Earth, 56% more than last year.
The seaside resorts of the South, Saranda first, are the favorite and the most crowded in the high season.
Photo: Nino Barletta

Butrint archaeological site and the towns of Argirocastro and Berat, who tell the story of the past, are included in the travel routes.
So, the “Repubblica” advices  the Italian readers to visit Albania, this beautiful and charmingly odd country. 
Photo: Nino Barletta

Original article in Italian here!

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