21 February 2018

Albania among 9 adventurous places in the Adriatic coast you must try

The Adriatic coast is one of the earth’s glorious coasts, and certainly one of the best in Europe. With a history that dates back centuries, it boasts some of the most fabulous beaches, fascinating mountains, countless sandstone cliffs overlooking the seas, and picturesque towns – the coast is dreams come true for every kind of a traveller. Part of Adriatic coast is also Albania; the coastline has a total length of 274 kilometres. GoGo Places, a travel website has recommended Albania along with other countries as a must visit destination for adventurous. The editor suggest two must do’s if you want to experience the wild nature and adventure spirit in Albania; Hike in the Albanian Alps and go rafting in Osumi Canyons.
Photo source: GoGoPlaces
Hike in the Albanian Alps
The little country of Albania has a lot to see and do, and the best part is that most of it remains extremely undiscovered, as well as almost completely unspoiled. Bordering Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo and Montenegro, Albania’s long coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world. Here’s what you can do in Albania.
There are many hiking trails to the Alps in Albania of different difficulty levels each offering its unique variations of landscapes and adventures. If you start from Tirana, you can take a ferry trip on the spectacular Lake Koman, go on a trek through the beautiful Valbona Valley and the Theth Valley. You will also get to visit the old Fortress of Kruja in the Albanian hills. Also, go on a hike to the ruins of the Rozafa Castle to admire the spectacular view of the lake.

Go rafting in Çorovodë
The Osumi Canyon located near Çorovode is a great place for those who love rafting. There are many day trips to this place from Tirana, and you can go rafting in the Canyon for about 12km, that starts upstream of the Hamuli Bridge and ends at the descent at the Bridge of Çorovoda. This stretch is usually done when the waters are high, which means a lot of fun!

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