11 October 2018

The Independent: Five foodie experience on the Albanian Riviera

Albania is getting noticed in European tourism map not only for the beautiful nature and hospitality but also for the delicious cuisine. Read about the culinary experience of Theresa Harold (journalist of “The Independent”) as she reveals the amazing food you can taste in Albania.

Eat freshly caught mussels from Lake Butrint (Theresa Harold)

The article published this week highlights Albania’s coastline, the history and tradition.
“The visitors arrive here to find ancient castles, clifftop monasteries and sandy beaches. There are still seaside canyons, Mediterranean villages and olive groves. The Albanian food is cheap, fresh and locally sourced; the cuisine here is simple and reflects both the Mediterranean location and the austere years of communism. You won’t find fancy ingredients or haute cuisine cooking techniques. Pizza is plentiful, thanks to the influx of Italian tourists, and they do gyros, tzatziki and Greek salad everywhere. The chefs use olive oil the way the French use butter, and every meal comes with a basket of bread to soak it up. Don’t be afraid to carb-load though: you’ll need it for all the raki you’ll be drinking.
Homemade petulla (Theresa Harold)

Here are five essential foodie experiences on the Albanian Riviera.
1.       Drink shots for breakfast
2.       Go on a mussel tour
3.       Visit a winery
4.       Eat freshly fried petulla
5.       Always order the seafood platter

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