15 June 2012

"Albania" - We can do it !

Just heard from the media about this wonderful project of Elisa Dushku. This is probably the first initiative of this kind in promoting Albania, even though it is a common thing in promoting destinations all over the world to attract the attention of tourists and investors to visit a country. Greece had a similar campaign few weeks ago which ended with success and reached its target.

I believe that we Albanians can also show that we can do it. I don’t think our Elisa Dushku, Fadil Berisha and the rest of the team are not able to find 60 000 $ to support this promotion campaign, but this should come as support of as many Albanians as possible, because this country belongs to all Albanians and needs our support. So please donate as much as you can!
Especially at this moment when Albania and its tourism is getting the attention from the well known media such as LonelyPlanet, CNN, Frommer's etc. this can be the best promotion material to keep the beat going. The entire Albanian travel industry will profit from this, which means better image for Albania and more money for our economy.
We can and should make it! I believe this can be the best promotion gift Albania tourism can get in its 100th Independence anniversary.
Kliton Gerxhani
Albania Holidays DMC

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