08 October 2013

Postcard from… Albania

 A very nice article, warning travelers that Albania is the next big thing:-) Cute

Albania, 7 September 2013
Imagine a European country with a solid GDP growth rate. Imagine if this country’s second languages were English, Italian and Chinese. Then imagine if this country had hundreds of miles of undeveloped beach-lined coast.
Imagine if this country had a vibrant youthful population, without the pension time bombs of Germany and Japan. And finally, imagine if this country sat at the economic crossroads of Europe, equidistant from Istanbul, Vienna and Rome.
Welcome to the Republic of Albania. This NATO member has the rosiest outlook in all Europe. Furthermore, I humbly suggest that this Adriatic nation will be the superyacht must-see of 2014. If it takes a glass of Albanian Trebiano in Tirana’s Bogdani district to convince you of that fact, then so be
So, why plan a sailing trip to Albania next summer? I’ll give you three reasons.
Firstly, the country is essentially one long beach, all the way from Corfu to Porto Montenegro. Ksamil Beach pairs crystal clear waters with Caribbean sands. Gjipe Beach is a triangular wedge of white sand encircled by an Ionian Sea of blue.
Secondly, Albania is a beacon for cultural tourism. Those who have stepped off a superyacht at Knidos in Turkey, Syracuse in Sicily or Leptis Magna in Libya will be astounded here. The Via Egnatia once linked Rome with Constantinople and littered Albania with forts and en-route. The finest cultural sights lie at Apollonia and Butrint.
Thirdly, think of the cachet. Do your colleagues think they’re on trend at the Hotel Splendido or Harry’s Bar? For a killer reaction casually mention: “Albania, haven’t you heard? It’s the next big thing.” They’ll wonder what you’ve been putting in your Bellinis.

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