23 December 2015

Boston Globe: The 10 hot places for travel in 2016? Albania is on the list

By Christopher Muther
Boston Globe
It’s too easy to get swept away looking at pictures of thatched cabanas on stilts over tropical blue seas, or city-size cruise ships with corkscrew waterslides when dreaming of trips. Like a good meal, your travel plans should be balanced, colorful, and feature a prominent and sweet ending. If you need a bit of inspiration for planning a trip in 2016, we’re here to offer a gentle nudge to Asia, Europe, or just a long weekend in the south. Albania is on the list of 10 places worth a visit in 2016. Here what Boston Globe write about Albania

Berat, Albania
This country is not for those of delicate constitution, or for the inexperienced traveler, but the payoff for planning and patience is tremendous. If you’re hesitant to go it alone, contact a tour company, such as Adriatic Luxury Journeys. After being isolated from the rest of Europe after years of rule under the Communist party, Albania is slowly becoming a sought-after tourist destination. The infrastructure still hasn’t caught up with demand. Roads are in terrible condition, public transportation is erratic at best, and the Internet is not exactly dependable. But because of those factors, Albania is a (mostly) undiscovered gem, and the beaches along the Albanian Riviera are stunning. Direct flight? No. Best time to go? September.
Berat, Albania

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