06 January 2016

The Rough Guide: Albania, among top 10 destinations for 2016

Albania is definitely on the map of World Tourism. One of the best travel agencies The Rough Guide also suggest our country as one of top 10 destinations for 2016. Albania is ranked number 5, after Nepal, Colombia, Cuba and Jordan, and followed by Romania, El Salvador, Wales, Kenya and Sri Lanka.  Here is what Rough Guide writes about Albania.
5- Albania 

"Pay a visit to this beguiling corner of Europe now, before it garners the popularity it deserves. – Martin Zatko, co-author of The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget
While nearby Greece and Croatia are well established on the tourist trail, Albania remains something of a mystery to most. But those who go will find fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the ancient Greek city of Butrint, pristine beaches on the Ionian coast, gorgeous mountain lakes, Ottoman architecture, and friendly locals to point you in the right direction for discovery. Make the trip before the rest of the world realises what they’re missing.

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