02 May 2016

Saranda, Albania, one of 5 Must-Visit Towns for 2016

Saranda city
Albania is suggested every day as a beautiful destination for tourists in 2016. This time an article comes from Paste Magazine: "Breathtaking Balkans: 5 Must-Visit Towns for 2016"
Saranda is the city every tourist must visit this year, said the article. The other four cities suggested to visit in Balkans are Bled, Slovenia; Cavtat, Croatia; Perast, Montenegro; Ohrid, Macedonia

Here is what Paste magazine writes about Saranda:  

Ksamil Saranda
"Albania is a newcomer to the international tourism scene, but gaining momentum due to the virgin beaches and crystal-blue water along its rugged Adriatic coastline. Cut off from the rest of the world under the 40-year rule of communist leader Enver Hoxha, what the country lacks in infrastructure, it makes up for in hospitality and pristine beaches.
Peering across a thin strip of sea at the Greek island of Corfu, Sarandë is the start of a stunning national park that forms Albania’s southern border with Greece. The town is as beautiful as it is remote, with the nearest international airports a two-hour ferry ride away, on Corfu or a winding five-hour drive away in the country’s capital of Tirana.
While Sarandë is arguably Albania’s most beautiful beach town and a versatile spot to either relax or party, it also serves as a perfect home base for day trips. Make sure to venture out. Places to see in Saranda: Butrint National Park, protected by UNESCO, Ksmail island with amazing view and beaches, and 45-meter-deep natural spring known as the Blue Eye."

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