12 January 2018

June, the best time to visit Albania in 2018 - Swiss media

Albania is the best place to visit in June, during 2018. This is the recommendation of  Travel News, Swiss media. The Travelnews editorial team presented their personal favorites destinations- from January to December and among them is Albania.
They compare Albania with its neighborhood Montenegro and Croatia, claiming that you can go in Albania for cheaper holidays but with remarkable experience.  
Llaman Beach, Albania

“Albania - the country bordering the Adriatic Sea in the west is cheaper than Croatia and receives fewer tourists from the neighboring country of Montenegro. It offers a remarkable variety of mountain ranges and archaeological sites in which time has stood still. In addition to the great wealth of flora and fauna, Albania is also home to various national parks. The hotel prices are incredibly cheap, the beaches are spared from mass tourism and the crystal clear water reminiscent of dream destinations in the Caribbean. In addition, 300 sunny days a year speak for themselves - why not travel to Albania?”
Borsh beach, Albania

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