24 January 2018

The Guardian: Albania, 3rd place for the best adventure travel in 2018

Either for beach holidays,  culture or adventure Albania has managed to be on the list by world popular travel magazines. This time, Albania and its coast is in the top 3 recommended for adventure  and hiking trails among “20 of the best adventure travel challenges for 2018’ as listed by the well-known UK newspaper,The Guardian.
Hiking in Albania is popular not only for rugged landscapes,but also for getting to meet locals and know their history and heritage.  All these make Albania very attractive for travelers all around the world.
Photo source: The Guardian
“Albania’s star has been rising, with more travelers each year wanting to explore its treasures, such as the Accursed Mountains of the north, and wild beautiful white beaches of the south. Wild Frontiers has two new group hiking adventures there, one at each end of the country. On its eight-day package to the south, sunny walks along coastal paths and hinterland mountain trails take the group into the Albanian Riviera, Ottoman towns and Butrint national park.”

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